Where to find

Rob’s work has been seen in collections and galleries across the United States. We had a large sale in November 2018 after his passing and sold the majority of his work, but we still have a few originals left (located at the studio in Ladoga, IN) and numerous prints (most of which are shown on the Shop page of this website). You may contact Kelly at 765.366.6709 or 765.942.1003 to arrange an appointment at the studio in Ladoga. You may order originals, prints, and notecards through this website.

View work in person (by appointment only) at:

114 E. Main Street
Ladoga, IN 47954

If you have a painting to sell, we are willing to help suggest pricing and post it on this website for a small percentage* of the sale price. And if it’s an unusual painting, in a style of phase the family does not already own, we might be able to make you an offer for it.

If you are looking for a valuation for an estate, we can give you our best guess, but the reality is it’s difficult to determine a value. As a professional art appraiser told us once, it’s only worth whatever someone will pay for it. But there are people who watch specifically for Rob O’Dell paintings to come up in auctions and sales, and this website is where people come looking for info, so we would be happy to help match paintings to new owners.

  • *Our commission is 15% if you provide the photos and will package it for shipping to the buyer. Our role would include writing a description of the image and providing context about approximate time of creation, styles, etc. The fee covers the time to prepare the listing, and hosting it on our website where people might see it. Our fee is 35% if I need to take the photos, store the artwork until it sells, and prepare the painting for shipping once sold. For reference, galleries often keep between 30 and 50% of the sale price.
  • As an example, if a painting sells for $400 and all we do is list it, the fee would be $60. (The seller would get $340.) If we also take the photos, store a painting until it sells, and package and ship it, the fee would be $140. The seller would get $260. The credit card transaction fees would come out of my portion. And the shipping cost would be charged to the buyer.